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Medical tourism is defined as phenomenon of people traveling outside their country for medical, surgical or dental treatment.
Traditionally people traveled from less advanced countries to more evolved countries for better clinical centers, however the remaining couple of many years have visible a brilliant shift within the phenomenon. Now, human beings from evolved countries also tour to developing international locations in extremely good numbers.

People like medical tour in Pakistan because of the:
1.Affordable price of treatment in respect to all over the world.
2.And expert and qualified doctors.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation to every one who wants to know about our services and procedures. Just contant us and we'll be there for your help in a very short time.Feel free to contact our team.

Excellent Services

As a real expert medical tourism company,we address and solve all of your queries even earlier than you begin from your private home country to your medical trip to Pakistan.We guarantee your time and trust.

Online Payment

You're free to discuss about procedure,payment method , doctors,hospitals.Payment can be transfered through cash, traveler's checks,visa or master card after negotiating with surgeon team and client.


We provide complete medical tourism services not just facilitate your medical trip.
MED TOUE ONLINE offers to serve you in one or many of following ways as the best medical tourism facilitator company in Pakistan.

Qualified Doctors

We have the best team and range of qualified doctors and surgeons of all departments.They are all being monitered from their higher staff for quality assurance.

Outdoor Checkup

We do outdoor checkup according to appointment schedule and time with secure environment and provide best solutions remotely where it requires accordingly.

Emergency Care

We offer Emergency care in urgent cases as Human life is the most valueable thing in this world that's why we give importance to this immediate service 24 hours.

Operation Theatre

In case of operation, We provide best theatre for operation to patients with all facilites required accordingly and give special care to them as long as required.

Cancer Service

We are best in cancer treatment service with excellence and Pakistan has world class level hospital and treatment for cancer in very affordable prices.

General Medical

We provide general medical and give best possible solutions for all problems and cope with almost all general issues and specific one but specifically general ones.


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